“Gestures – Tap and down” is an arcade game about precise tapping for android and iOS devices.

Fast paced game about precise tapping. This is not an idle game, you need to have perfect timing and precision to tap them all and win.

It’s The Gestures:
* 100 Unique handcrafted and challenging levels with Hardcore mode for fast tappers
* Over a dozen different enemies, tap, hold, double tap, triple tap and much more
* 48 powerful perks which will increase your tapping skills
* Infinity level to beat the best scores and be the best among all the tappers out there
* 31 achievements
* and more to come

Can you tap through all 100 levels?

Rules are simple, you defeat enemies, you win.
Some take one tap, others two or more taps. Some need two fingers at once, others needs to be held down.
There are many enemies. Can you defeat them all?

You can download it from stores for free.